+ Crying Eyes +

A Video I made in 2016 as an exploration and visual representation of the phrase 'Crying Eyes', with a background of footage taken while driving at night, and a soundtrack of flute music slowed down.

+ W. O. R. +

With Out Right: A video I made in 2015 in which I attempt to create a dissonant, dream-like narrative by placing various characters I had created in my performances in the context of Los Angeles landscapes. 

+ Dirty Sink +

A video made in 2014 as part of a sculptural collaboration with Awena Masoud, for a Group Show entitled 'Dirty Sink'.

+ Outer Action +

A New Genres Project produced in 2014. This video is an exploration of surreal, yet somewhat coherent action and storyline, through the use of various characters, all played by myself.